Who are we?

For a quarter of a century; Frenlas, which serves you with the production of main center, wheel, clutch, servo diaphragm repair kits, brake and dust tires, o-rings, gasket types, has completed the branding process in a short time. And finally, we have added center production to our product range since the beginning of 2007.

Our products are in compliance with European norms due to their design, quality and usefulness. Our company is proud of presenting it to our valuable customers by closely following the technological developments in the world and in Turkey and reflecting these developments on our products with its machinery park that can adapt these developments to the times.

FRENLAS LTD.ŞTİ. It is an integrated facility with a closed area of ​​3000 m2. Thanks to its research and development department, it strives to contribute to the competitiveness of the Turkish industry with the world, with original projects developed in the direction of production technologies.

Our products are used all over Turkey and are also exported to various countries of the world. As a reliable signature in its sector, Frenlas produces in accordance with TSE 10357 and ISO 9001-2008 standards in order to ensure that the quality of the product is at the highest level, based on the principle of quality and trust.

Our Mission

The aim of our company is to produce HYDRAULIC & AIR BRAKES and Clutch equipments with high quality and competitive advantage by absorbing the latest technologies for the Turkish and World automotive sector; As a result, to continue our activities in the sector as a company that creates value for its customers, is profitable, constantly improves itself and contributes to the development of the country's economy by providing employment.

Out Vision

To be a company that increases its market share by maintaining its quality and competitive advantage in national and international markets, to be the first choice of commercial vehicle manufacturers and spare parts market in Turkey and target markets, to be an exemplary company in its sector in Turkey, 100% domestic To be the largest hydraulic & air brake and clutch systems manufacturer established with capital.

Our Brands

We produce under the trademarks "FLS" and "DIXFEN", which we have registered as Frenlas. Thanks to our trust in our brand value, we believe that we will continue to grow with a new and stronger momentum in the coming years.

Always hold hands for the future
Being united by eliminating discrimination
Always hold hands for the future
Our Mottos
Not to reduce the annual growthgraph curve below 10%
To be the pioneer of the sectoral ageby constantly developing